Untha Spare Parts

Elevate your UNTHA machineries longevity and efficiency with Natural Environmental. Our vast inventory of high quality German made spare parts ensures that your equipment operates seamlessly, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing overall performance. Trust Natural Environmental to be your trusted partner in optimising your UNTHA equipment.




Natural Environmental stock 1000’s of parts in the UK ready for dispatch and access to 1000’s more for various UNTHA Recycling tech machines, some of these parts include:


Cutting Knives


Cutter Holders


Counter Knives


Wear Parts


Screen Segments


Cleaning Knives


Specialist Fixings



Natural Environmental have parts to fit a wide variety of UNTHA models, some of these include:

LR 520 LR 600 LR 630
LR 700 LR 1000 LR 1400
LRK 700 LRK 1000 LRK 1400
MR 1500 MR 2000 MR 2500
XR 2000 XR 3000 QR 1000
QR 1200 QR 1400 QR 1700
QR 2100 RS 30 RS 40
RS 50 RS 60 RS 100
RS 150 RS 30 (Wood) RS 40 (Wood)





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Please see above for examples of our replacement parts and if you cannot see your part in the list, then please contact us…