Spare Parts


Spares that make a difference.

Here at Natural Environmental we pride ourselves in being able to provide our customers with reliable, high-quality products. We offer a wide range of replacement parts from cutters to counter knifes and everything in between. As well as providing standard replacement parts for your machinery, we can offer ware parts designed specifically for your application. This ensures the customer gets the best productivity from there machinery while still maintaining good wearability of cutters, counter knifes etc.


Support Plates


Pusher Box Seals

Feeder Box Wheels

Conveyor Belts


Clamp Plates




Flyer Blades

Dead Knives





Screen Bars


Rotor Sheer Blades


Keeping your throughput high while minimizing down time!

By using proven, high-quality parts it ensures your machinery will run as efficiently as possible by avoiding down time through brakeage’s, and slow through put due to excessive wear. Whether you are shredding wood, plastic, medical waste etc, we have the parts to accompany your process.

We also offer repeat supply packages to provide you with the parts you require on an on-going basis. This ensures you have the parts you need, when you need them, every time.

Your all-in-one solution

As part of our aim to provide the very best service within the recycling industry, we also provide a servicing package to accompany our supply of spares. This ensures that there is no time wasted trying to source various parts for servicing as the parts will be provided as part of the maintenance schedule, reducing lead times on parts which results in a more efficient process.




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